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Specialists to Assist You 24/7 Tech Support
Your questions and concerns are important to us. We invite you to email us anytime. Or call our main phone number 616.772.2300. Business and emergency hours are given, right, and appear at the bottom of every webpage.

We respond to assistance requests within 24 business hours. So, feel free to click or call with confidence.

Reach a team member directly below.

Although our regular business hours are 9:00 AM  to 5:00 PM, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, we also offer emergency remote technical support after hours and on holidays. You may page a technician by calling our main number 616.772.2300 then pressing 8.

Our field techs can assist you remotely from headquarters or travel to your site. See our Technical Services webpage for details.
Bill is your first point of contact. He can help you compare products and services to see which are most appropriate for your application and get a quote into your hands quickly. Bill also can assist you with frequency searches and licensing services for your radio systems. And he can arrange professional recording services for your station. Email Bill or call him: 616.772.2300 x102. President/Founder Communications Manager Linda manages marketing communications design and development and our websites. Email Linda if you need literature, have questions about this website or if your would like to subscribe to our monthly online newsletter The Source.
Bill Baker
Planning, Pricing, Licensing & Recording  
Linda Folland
Geoff Penna, our product and research manager, oversees systems research and development, testing, fabrication, distribution, repairs and assists with customer visits and training. Geoff also manages StreamCasts, and he can assist you with EventCAST rentals. Feel free to email or call (616,772,2300 x106) Geoff, if you have a question about a project he helped you with. And, of course, he can answer your system operation questions.  Product & Research Manager Tom Coviak Project manager Tom Coviak watches your order from entry through completion, setting up timelines, site visits and contractors. Tom will visit your installation, providing optimization and training as needed. Tom also manages the customer service after-hours hotline:  616.772.2300, press 8, after 5PM or before 9AM Eastern Time. Email or call (616.772.2300 x104) Tom if you have a technical question about your station.  
Geoff Penna
R&D, Rentals & Repairs
Tom Coviak
Projects & Hotline
Accounting manager Megan administers payables and receivables. Email or call (616.772.2300 x103) Meg for questions about accounting issues.  Accounts Manager  
Megan Baker