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Installation Overview:  Beverly Hills, California

This Workstation Audio Control/ALERT AM combo - easy for the City to use - illustrates retrofitting an older station with newer technology to get a superior result.
Outdoor Electronics and Antenna System

The phone company phone line from the telephone switching room runs to the antenna control box. The transmission antenna is centrally located in Beverly Hills and covers about 94% of the City.
Beverly Hills, California, ALERT AM Outdoor Electronics and Antenna Site
The Workstation Audio Control Setup

The same workstation is used for making voice recordings for transmission. The headset to the left side is used to enter the voice segments. The speaker is used to review the recorded messages after recording. The voice software provided by Information Station Specialists is shown on the right.
Beverly Hills, California, Workstation Audio Control
The Telephone Switching Room

An interface unit (the gray box) receives the cable from the workstation. The box interfaces with the phone company phone line, and a phone line is connected to the the antenna/transmitting box at the antenna.
Transmission Sequence/Schedule Closeup

After a voice recording is made with the voice software (bottom image), it may be placed within the transmission software.

Shown, are 8 voice segments that are transmitted in sequence, repeatedly (1 through 8). More segments may be added or segments can be deleted.

The voice recording is done on the same computer.
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