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Crazy Horse Mountain carving progress, early 2003. Artist Korczak Ziolkowski also worked on the Mount Rushmore carvings.
Visitors Can Get Up Close & Personal
The Crazy Horse Monument is a nonprofit, educational and cultural project, open year round.
How the sculpture will more fully emerge from the mountain eventually. Ultimately it will be 563 feet high.  
The Crazy Horse Information Station broadcasts on 1610 kHz AM 24 hours a day at the foot of the mountain, beckoning travelers into the Visitors' Center and the Indian Museum of North America.
The radio station also provides dynamite-blast schedules associated with mountain sculpting, notice of public events scheduled at the facilities and details on how to become involved in supporting this "monumental" volunteer effort. 

Case Study:  Crazy Horse Monument
August 2003
Crazy Horse Speaks
People might think they have seen all there is to see of the Crazy Horse Monument, when they drive past the large mountain carving in the Black Hills of South Dakota (near Mount Rushmore). But there is more to see and know than can be revealed in stone alone. 

Crazy Horse broadcasts his story via an Information Station, inviting people into the history of the carving, i.e., the blood, sweat and tears of the past 50 years of work on the mountain carving and the Native American experience that inspired it.

That story, in essence, is what this interpretive Information Station tells motorists, as they approach the colossal work of art. Unless visitors hear the story and learn how the carving was crafted through drilling and dynamite, they cannot truly understand its significance. Until the Native American culture is shared; until the artist's background is conveyed; until the vision of the finished work is revealed, travelers cannot fully appreciate all that the carving represents. 

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"You folks [at Information Station Specialists] have been very professional and easy to work with. You present a very customer friendly impression and deliver on your product. We enjoy working with you. Thanks for the service!" 

Rollie Noem
Park Manager
Autumn 2003
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