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Case Study:  Idyllwild, California

March 2014
The WNKI Story by Station Operator Bill Tell
The radio station has seen a few incarnations since its inception back in 1988. Original station announcements were provided using continuous-loop tape reels, when Station Founder George Covington first broadcast from WNKI.

Then in the summer of 1991, Mr. Carroll Lindholm programmed and paid for a new computer system, just as local residents donated time and money to set WNKI up in the first place. A newer version of this software that Mr. Lindholm also wrote is still running the station to this day. A true testament to the WNKI’s founders for their perseverance, intelligence and overall community spirit.

During the 1996 Bee Canyon Fire, everyone (firefighters) had an AM radio, everywhere. They were getting their information from “WNKI.” WNKI broadcast the size of the fire, numbers of equipment and personnel, where it was located, how it involved it and what it was threatening. With supervisors using the regular frequencies, the firefighters guarding homes only had WNKI to rely on, as George Covington broadcast the information that came from the agencies’ dispatch offices.

With advances in today’s technology, WNKI is looking forward to the next round of upgrades, improved broadcast performance and ease of operation putting it on track to operate well into the future.
WNKI Sign - Idyllwild, CA
Idyllwild, CA, WNKI Workstation
The WNKI Studio in Idyllwild, CA
Idyllwild, CA, Radio Station Antenna Site
The Station’s 1610 AM Antenna
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