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Case Study:  Maine Township, Illinois

December 2011
Chicago-Land Emergency Manager Prepares for Next 'Big One'
Just what is the "Big One" in a mid-western metropolitan area like Park Ridge, Illinois? Flooding? Tornado? Power Outage? Snowstorm? Public Health Emergency?

Whatever it is, Bob Cohen is getting prepared. As Maine Township's emergency manager and director of the area's Medical Reserve Corps, Bob has begun proactively reaching out to citizens using a portable broadcast radio station named "RadioSTAT."

States Cohen. "When we did the demo for our partner [agencies] as well as our Board of Trustees, there was resounding applause for the capabilities of the unit. We did reach a five-mile radius, and it may have even gone farther.....exceeding our expectations,"

Writer Dick Barton from the Chicago Tribune showed up at the meeting and filed this story.

Cohen points out that the local police and fire department have many potential uses for the system and adds that his initial broadcasts, have had an unintended benefit. "We have had six new volunteers sign up for our programs, and the Neighborhood Watch meetings have increased in attendance as well".

RadioSTAT systems are listed in FEMA's RKB (Responder's Knowledge Base) and can also be reviewed in detail here.

Additional applications:
  • Public health departments.
  • Hospitals.
  • RACs.
  • MRCs (examples at this web link).
  • Wildfire information.
  • Highway/HAZMAT incidents.
  • Public events.

Contact Bob Cohen, Director of Maine Township Regional MRC & OEM, Park Ridge, Illinois, phone 847.337.1423.

Director Cohen and Supervisor Teschky show one of the many signs recently posted along roadways. Twenty-four signs in all were placed.

See locally published article.
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