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TechTalk:  the NX8R Digital Message Player

How to Program Broadcasts

NX8R Digital Message Player
Primary Features Permitted Content
  • 1,000 messages.
  • 50 playlists.
  • 80 minutes of recording time.
  • Flash memory to retain settings as well as messages if power is interrupted or turned off.
  • Remote live and local live broadcasting, integrated.
  • Remote playlist activation.
  • Automatic station identification every 30 minutes.
  • Factory-programmed for easy initial operation.

See NX8R Product Specifications for details.

Content of information radio station broadcasts is regulated by the FCC. See rules and a formula for determining content here. Generally speaking, callsigns and their frequencies must be broadcast every 30 seconds, and the following types of messages are permitted and no music or commercial content is permitted. 
  • Emergency evacuations & preparedness announcements.
  • Travel info, i.e., traffic advisories, road conditions, construction, closures, weather, hazards, parking & other directions.
  • Locations & directions to services.
  • Info about & interpretation of local areas, i.e., geology, history.
Message Creation and Deletion
Create a Message
You must assign a unique number to each message created (1 to 1,000). The following example uses Message 1.
  1. Press *1# to enter the "record" command. The NX8R will tell you which recording source is selected and give you recording instructions.
  2. Press 1# to assign the number 1 to your message and to initiate the recording process.
  3. Read your script aloud into the control phone handset.
  4. Press # to stop recording. Wait for the NX8R to acknowledge that the message has been saved.
  5. Press *2# to gain access to the "monitor message" command.
  6. Press 1# to listen to the message. Repeat Steps 1-5 above if necessary to improve the message.
Erase a Message
  1. Call the station by telephone or cell phone.
  2. Key in the default security code, which you may get from Information Station Specialists, or your custom number.
  3. Press *3# to gain access to the "erase" command.
  4. Press 1# to erase Message 1.
Broadcast Live
  1. Call the station.
  2. Key in the security code.
  3. Press *99# to broadcast live.
  4. Hang up when your live announcement is done.
Select the Recording Source
At the station's site, you may record messages using the control phone, provided microphone or an auxiliary source, such as, a compact disk player. Use the following procedure to choose an audio source:
  1. Press *7# to gain access to the "local source input" command.
  2. Choose one of the following:
  1.  Press 1# to record from the microphone.
  2. Press 3# to record with the onsite control phone.
  3. Press 5# to recording with the Aux 3 input.
Recording Time
When the following command is entered, the NX8R will clean memory and report the remaining amount of recording time:
  1. Press *15# to begin the "recording time" command.
  2. NX8R will respond . . .
  1. "Memory cleanup is complete."
  2. "The amount of available recording time is ____."  
Playlist Management
Begin Here
The term "playlist" denotes a message sequence. The active playlist continuously loops through its programmed sequence to create recorded broadcasts. Each playlist you create should be assigned a unique number (1 to 50). Use Playlists 1 to 8 as your primary playlists as charted below.

Priority Playlist Name Action Keys
Highest Priority
LIVE Broadcast from any Telephone
(Local or Remote)
Activate *99#
Deactivate Hang Up
1 Priority 1 Playlist
(Message 1-19 Preassigned)
Activate *92# 1# 2#
Deactivate *92# 1# 3#
Scenario Playlists
2 Scenario Playlist 1
(Messages 20-29 Preassigned)
Activate *92# 2# 2#
Deactivate *92# 2# 3#
3 Scenario Playlist 3
(Messages 30-39 Preassigned)
Activate *92# 3# 2#
Deactivate *92# 3# 3#
4 Scenario Playlist 4
(Messages 40-49 Preassigned)
Activate *92# 4# 2#
Deactivate *92# 4# 3#
5 Scenario Playlist 5
(Messages 50-59 Preassigned)
Activate *92# 5# 2#
Deactivate *92# 5# 3#
Externally Activated Playlist
6 NOAA 'All Hazard' Playlist 6
(Factory Messages 2+3 Preassigned & Live NOAA Feed)
Automatic Activation for 20 Minutes by NOAA 'All Hazard' Receiver for Predetermined Counties & Hazards
Day-to-Day Playlists
7 Special Event Playlist 7
(Messages 70-79 Preassigned)
Activate *92 7# 2#
Deactivate *92 7# 3#
8 Daily Playlist 8
(Factory Messages 4+5 & Messages 80-89 Preassigned)
Not Applicable – Always Active in the Background
Playlist 50 Station Id Playlist
(Message 99)
Scheduled – Plays Every Half-Hour

Activate/Deactivate a Playlist
Playlists may be activated onsite by throwing a user-installed switch, wired to one of the control inputs on the rear of the NX8R. Any of NX8R's eight control inputs as well as its playlist contents may be virtually activated using a remote phone or the control phone. This activation is virtual in that there is no physical closure on the control input's contact. Using the following command causes the playlist associated with the activation control input to run until deactivated. (In this example, use Control Input 5 via the control phone ore remote phone to cause Playlist 5 and its content to run).
  1. Press *92# to begin the "set a virtual control input" command.
  2. Press 5# to select Control Input 5.
  3. Press 3# to activate Control Input 5.
In the following example we will deactivate Control Input 5 to cause the playlist to stop running and the next lowest activated (physical or virtual) control input and its associated playlist to run:
  1. Press *92# to begin the "set a virtual control input" command.
  2. Press 5# to select Control Input 5.
  3. Press 3# to deactivate Control Input 5.
Construct a Basic Playlist
In the below example, create Playlist 8 and insert Messages 80-83.
  1. Press *41# to gain access to the "create a playlist" command.
  2. Listen for instructions. The voice prompter will ask you to number the playlist you want to create.
  3. Press 8# to program Playlist 8.
  4. Press 1# to add a message to the playlist.
  5. Press 80# 81# 82# 83# to insert Messages 80, 81, 82, and 83 into the playlist.
Review a Playlist
Using the following commands causes NX8R to report the messages programmed in the selected playlist in the sequence in which they will broadcast; review Playlist 8, for example:
  1. Press *42# to begin the "monitor playlists" command.
  2. Choose one of the following:
  1. Press 1# to hear the playlist message number sequence.
  2. Press 2# to hear the actual recordings in sequence.
  3. Press 8# to hear Playlist 8's sequence.
Append to a Playlist
With NX8r you are able to add a message to the end of a playlist. All previous entries in the playlist will remain intact. (In the below example, add message 84 to Playlist 8, which already contains and is playing Messages 80, 81 82 and 83.)
  1. Press *45# to gain access to the “append to a playlist” command.
  2. Press 8# to select Playlist 8.
  3. Press 1# to add a message to the playlist.
  4. Press 84# to add Message 84.
Insert Weather Radio Audio into Playlist 8
In the following example, program Playlist 8 to play Message 81, set Aux 1 as the play-thru source and then create a one-time spacing of 3 minutes:
  1. Press *41# to gain access to the “create a playlist” command.
  2. Press 8# to select Playlist 8.
  3. Press 1# to add a message to the playlist.
  4. Press 81# to add Message 1.
  5. Press 0# to return to the root of the “create a playlist” command.
  6. Press 11# to set the play-through source.
  7. Press 1# to select Aux 1 (Weather Radio input).
  8. Press 7# to set the one-time spacing.
  9. Press 1800# for 3 minutes (in tenths of a second) of play-through.
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