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Workstation Audio ControlTM
Orlando Operator at Workstation Audio Control
New with Edition 2.1
  • New user interface look and feel.
  • Windows 7 Pro platform.
  • Text-to-Speech capability:  hear sample.
  • Playlist scheduling by date and time.
  • Program control via remote interface. *
  • Integrated live microphone.
  • Automatic restart of broadcast program upon power restoration.
  • Single-message repetition.
  • Production mode: playlist creation and editing without broadcast interruption.
Compare various audio control methods among our information radio systems.
Enhanced Edition 2.1  
Workstation Audio Control (WAC), which functions as an audio source for Information Radio Stations, allows on-screen control of high quality broadcast messages from a single, dedicated workstation and/or across a network. WAC enables natural audio recordings, text-to-speech generation, broadcast audio processing, visual audio editing, scheduled playlist changes and event logging.

The system includes a configurable PC and custom software suite for drag-and-drop message control specifically designed for Information Radio Stations. Workstation Audio Control works in conjunction with an optional studio package to manage creation, visual editing and up to 3,000 hours of audio of high quality recorded or text-to-speech broadcast messages. This unique package allows “one-stroke message processing” to produce the best broadcast message quality and sound intensity. It also provides the creation of preset groupings of messages that may be immediately put on the air in emergencies, prescheduled program changes, as well as time-based event logging to document which messages are being broadcast at a given moment in time.

New features in Edition 2.1 include program control via remote interface *, integrated live microphone and playlist creation/editing in an off-line programming mode.
The hardware package consists of a Dell PC running Windows 7 Pro, 22-inch flat panel monitor, 250GB/1TB hard drives, 4 GB RAM, headset, mouse, keyboard, studio quality sound card and all interface cables. The high quality audio output can be interfaced to transmitter systems via Wireless Audio LinkTM, leased line, distribution amp or direct feed. The package also includes an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and power surge arrestor system.

Workstation Audio Control Enhanced Edition 2.1 retrofits to any ALERT AM or Information Station radio system. It works in conjunction with telephone message control and automatic NOAA “all hazards” override from the ALERT AM’s NX8R ** Digital Message Player. Retrofit packages include all hardware, software, cables, preprogramming, uninterruptible power supply, illustrated instruction manual and user interface tools.

Bill Baker (phone 616.772.2300 x102) will help you plan your station, select options and will provide a formal quote. Illustrated instruction manuals come with every station, and we offer technical support for the life of the product 24/7.
    Workstation Audio Control Enhanced Edition 2.1 includes PC and factory setup.
Hardware ***
  • Uninterruptible power supply.
  • Cables and software interface tools.
  • Complete, configured PC with . . .

  • - Windows 7 Professional operating system.
    - Gigabit integrated network interface card.
    - 16X DVD-ROM.
    - 250GB operating system hard drive.
    - 1TB hard drive for recordings.
    - 4GB RAM.
    - Dual Core processor.
    - ASI 5111 audio card.
    - Live audio mixer (internal).
    - 22" wide flat screen monitor.
    - Keyboard.
    - Mouse.
    - Power surge arrestor.
    - Headset.
    - Complete factory setup.

  • Rack-mount option.
Optional software suite for broadcast recording, processing, archiving and uploading as well as playlist creation and text-to-speech capability:
  • One-stroke audio processing and optimization for highest AM broadcast quality, intelligibility and signal distance via audio management software for recording, graphic editing:

    - Allows storage and drag/drop control of 3,000 hrs of
      broadcast .WAV messages from an active PC control screen.
    - Unlimited number of broadcast messages in library.
    - 1-10 broadcast messages in rotation on screen.
    - Unlimited number of messages may be broadcast in rotation.
    - Unlimited number of message playlists may be created/stored.
    - Message scheduling by date and time.

  • Text-to-speech module for broadcast message creation from imported or typed text.
  • Headset and mic.

Tech Support

  • Remote support for the life of the product.
  • Optional installation, training and certification.
Vail, Colorado, Police Department
Utilizes Workstation  Audio Control
Vail Police Department Uses Workstation Audio Control

Photos courtesy of
Jennifer Kirkland, Vail, CO

Twin Information Stations are strategically positioned to cover local streets and the I-70 corridor, as it travels through the well-known resort community. The programming is managed by computer and is distributed to the stations across the city’s fiber optic system. Vail Public Safety Communications Center Interim Director Jennifer Kirkland praises the Information Station: “The system is extremely beneficial to our guests and citizens, as it provides up-to-date, recorded information that is useful and valuable."      
Vail Colorado TIS Sign

* Remote Interface

While the remote interface does include most of the functions and features of the host system, certain features are not enabled, such as, live microphone and production mode (playlist creation and editing without broadcast interruption).

** NX8RTM Digital Message Player

Workstation Audio Control V2.1 is recommended for use with the NX8R Digital Message Player. NX8R has 2 input channels, which allows NOAA All-Hazards/Weather Radio as the second live input source.

*** Warranty

Hardware by Dell has a 3-year, onsite warranty with next-day service. The software has 1-year email support. The Audio Science sound card has a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Upon delivery, we provide 1 year of phone support (24 hours/7 days a week) technical staff for operation and troubleshooting all Work Station Audio Control hardware and software. Warranty is void should the configuration of components, hardware or software be modified (modified with respect to their operating environment) subsequent to delivery.
Sample Software Screens
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Active On-Air Info & Message Library Screen Scheduling Screen - Day/Time Schedule Screen - Date/Time Message Management Screen
Screen Showing Active On-Air Info (left) & Message Library (right) Screen to Schedule Message Playlists by Day/Time Screen to Schedule Message Playlists by Date/Time Message Management Software Screen for  Recording & Visual Editing