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10 Ways to Make Your Station 'State of the Art'
1 NX8R
Digital Message Player
2 IP76
Digital Message Player
3 Workstation Audio Control 4 StreamCasts 5 Spares Kit
Maximize Phone-Based Broadcast Programming Add Convenience, Quality
& Network Connectivity
Add the Quality & Convenience of Computer Audio Control Stream Your Program
to the World
Keep a Component Spares Kit at 'the Ready'
NX8R Digital Message Player IP76 Digital Message Player Workstation Audio Control Configuration Network Audio Bridge ISS Spares Kit
A digital message player that can be controlled by telephone is the heart of every Emergency Advisory Radio Station. The NX8R, introduced in 2008, works on the same convenient protocols as earlier the IP8 or AP55 Digital Message Players with a quantum leap in performance:

Capacity 80 minutes of recording time and up to 1,000 messages. (The legacy AP55 Player has 14 minutes and 250 messages, maximum.)
Stability Flash memory means all programming is safe from power loss.
Quality A 16-bit recording rate makes messages sound better.
Flexibility NX8R handles multiple live feeds from sources such as NOAA, PCs, CATV, etc.
Station ID The station identification plays automatically every half-hour as required by the FCC.
Redundancy If you lose your telephone lines in an emergency, NX8R offers control by VHF radio in an emergency.

Visit our NX8R webpage.

Compare audio control methods here.
Connect an IP76 Digital Message Player to your network to control your information radio station broadcasts from your desktop and deliver incredible audio quality to your listeners.

This IP-based system serves up a control page you may browse to when you want to change your message program.

Optional message management, playlist and text-to-speech software allows you to create and process your audio files to increase quality and intelligibility.

Maintain a message library from which you can edit, transfer and store audio files conveniently.

If network connectivity is lost, the IP76 has a USB backup port. No network yet? Use the USB port as your primary means of loading programming until you do.

The IP76 Digital Message Player may be added to most ALERT AM Systems and Information Stations, while retaining telephone call-in capability as an override/redundancy.

Visit our IP76 webpage.

Compare audio control methods here.
Since 2005, we have offered an option called Workstation Audio Control to accomplish on-screen drag-and-drop message control and have upgraded this popular option to operate on Windows 7 with key features customers have requested. Version 2.1:
  • Message scheduling by date, day and time.
  • Text-to-speech software.
  • Remote program control.
  • Integrated live broadcast.
  • More intuitive on-screen controls, look and feel.
  • Automatic broadcast program restart at power restoration.
Existing Workstation Audio Control operators can upgrade to Edition 2.1 with little effort. And we offer a remote method by which we can assist you on-line with installation.

Version 2.1 works in conjunction with legacy digital message players and NX8R Player (described far left). Tthe ability to control the station by phone is retained and redundancy added.

Visit our Workstation Audio Control webpage.

Compare audio control methods here.
Our Network Audio Bridge + universally available software (kit) allows you to take your information radio station’s program directly to your website. This makes your program accessible on desktop computers as well as internet-enabled mobile devices both inside and outside your station’s coverage range.

Visit our StreamCast webpage.
Have spare components on hand in case they are needed. The Component Spares Kit typically includes one each:
  • Transmitter.
  • Antenna.
  • RF arrestor.
  • Telephone Line Arrestor.
  • Power Surge Arrestor.
  •  Wattmeter.
The kit may be customized to match your precise equipment package and your desired spares quantities.

Discuss what you need and get a quote.
6 Flashing ALERT Sign 7 2X Signal Booster 8 Satellite Stations 9 RadioSTAT 10 Recording Services
Notify Instantly Boost Your Signal
Times Two
Go Wireless;
Expand Coverage
Take a Station 'to Go' Produce Clear, Professional Sounding Broadcasts
Flashing ALERT Sign 2x Signal Booster Multi-Station Grouping Map  RadioSTAT Portable Emergency Advisory Radio Station Professional Recording Services
When the situation becomes critical, trigger Flashing ALERT Signs in the coverage area of your station to notify motorists to tune to the frequency and become informed.

Visit the Flashing ALERT Sign webpage.
The 2X Signal Booster raises your antenna higher and produces up to twice the efficiency and signal level. Ideal for federal government TIS stations and/or underperforming stations whose range is limited by terrain or local environmental factors.

Works with all fixed-location (and certain portable) Information Radio (HAR) Stations that operate on frequencies in the 1200-1700 kHz range.

Note: Non-federal Information Stations must continue to adhere to the 2.0 mV/m signal level limit at .93 mile.

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Add more stations to cover more area. "Repeater" stations may be added to broadcast in areas where you are not now broadcasting.

A Wireless Audio Link system distributes audio to new AM transmitter locations without requiring the expense of leased telephone lines.

If your station currently depends on vulnerable /expensive telephone lines to link audio, consider a wireless upgrade.

Visit our GPS Frequency Synchronization webpage.
RadioSTAT is a hand-portable information station you may take to trouble spots where broadcasts need to be heard right away.

Used in conjunction with quick-erect signs for emergencies, affordable RadioSTAT stations can broadcast instructions for health crises (e.g., mass inoculation), evacuations, HAZMAT, road construction, public events and the like.

Learn more about RadioSTAT.
How much better can you hold your listeners' attention when your messages are recorded professionally? Our Recording Services bring a professional sound to your station's standard messages and is free to AAIRO members for general messages.

Visit our Recording Services webpage.