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"We put the antenna up last Sunday. From start to finish was about 3hrs. Got it to tune up very quickly. Takes 300 watts no problem. So far I like it alot. If you ever have a customer that wants to talk to someone using that antenna, I would be glad to. Thanx."                      
Tommy Messerli, KROS 
At the KROS tower site, the HPR.0990 AM Antenna is mounted on a temporary support pole.
News Radio KROS 1340 AM - Clinton, IA August 2020
AMReady to the Rescue
The new HPR.0990 AM Antenna is being employed in the effort to get News Radio KROS 1340 AM in Clinton, Iowa, back on the air quickly after their 400-foot tower failed in 130 MPH gusts that occurred in the recent "Midwest Derecho" Wind Storm. The station ordered the antenna Wednesday, August 12th, and it was shipped overnight to arrive Friday the 14th. The antenna is mounted atop a temporary 20-foot support pole and is connected to the station's transmitter without requiring a tuning network. KROS as back on the air Sunday the 16th.

AMReady Products are becoming a resource for AM emergencies, maintenance of service during site moves, etc.

On August 16, 2020, Paul Dumkowski of KROS News reported . . .

 "We're back on...AM!."

"KROS installed a temporary AM antenna on Sunday that allows KROS to return to the air waves after the devastating loss of their 400 foot broadcast tower. The temporary antenna allows KROS to broadcast at a reduced power of 300 watts. KROS will be working to return to the FM airwaves with the installation of a temporary FM antenna later this week. Plans are being developed to acquire a new main broadcast tower which would allow KROS to return to full power sometime in the near future. A special thanks goes to KROS Engineer Tommy Messerli along with Dave Parker and Scott Parker from Lectronics and Paul Dymkkowski, Gary Determan and Dave Vickers from the KROS staff for their efforts this weekend."

Photo by KROS     
See the FCC letter outlining the temporary authority that KROS is operating under with the HPR.0990 Antenna.
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