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USA's Largest Health Summit Taps ISS' RadioSTAT to Broadcast Conference Instructions to Participants 

Mar 2014: Information radio is on display at this year's Public Health Preparedness Conference in Atlanta. ISS' real-world signage and on-air radio broadcast will demonstrate to thousands of attendees the usefulness of information radio technology at Points of Dispensing (PODs), as public health professionals prepare for the next pandemic.

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As Ice and Snow Fall, the Value of Info Radio Rises

Feb 2014:  Hundreds of thousands of residents have been without power and safe transportation amid the perpetual parade of precipitation that has characterized the winter of 2014. Those in communities with information radio stations at least were not out of touch. Reports of stations transmitting critical safety messages throughout the storms abound. Read more, along with the latest news.
Nocatee Sign Homeowners Associations & Community Districts Turn to Radio to Inform Residents

Jan 2014: See how Information Radio is making its way deeper and deeper into communities via Home Owner Associations, Community Development Districts and other grassroots efforts to help ensure that property owners have as much time and pertinent information as possible to prepare for disasters and stay in touch with local circumstances. Collaboration with local governments on funding and FCC licensing not only moves such projects forward but also builds community.
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 height= NOAA News Is Bad News

Jan 2014: New York's national weather radio station disappeared, reappeared, then disappeared again – just in time for a snow storm.
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Wildlife Refuge Uses Special Radio Stations to Tell Stories

Nov 2013: Talk about talking non-stop! Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is telling its unique story to visitors all day long on its wildlife drive’s new “Audio Tour” through the use of five low-power radio stations. Each station describes for visitors what they are seeing – and in some cases what they can’t see – as they look out their car windows at key locations in the Refuge. See why the Refuge chose low power radio instead of the Internet to deliver interpretive services to visitors. In the same newsletter, read about frequency concerns in the New York City area and ideas for the FCC on transmitter filtering. 
Mount Rainier Becomes the First National Park to Add Networked Information Radio Stations

Sep 2013: It’s not news when a National Park boasts multiple Information Radio Stations (TIS) that deliver special messages to visitors in multiple locations. It is news, however, when the broadcast messages on the radio stations are seamlessly managed across a network, intended to inform and advise visitors at five locations – including the Park’s three main entrances.
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ALERT AM Emergency Advisory Radio System  ALERT AM
Emergency Advisory Radio System

Fixed radio station with NOAA 'All-Hazard' warning interruptions targeted to your county; multiple power and programming options, including GPS synchronized (multiple) stations, battery backup, large cabinet for flexibility. FCC-licensed. Range 25-75 square miles. Used in combination with Flashing ALERT Signs.
RadioSTAT Portable Emergency Advisory Radio Station  RadioSTAT
Portable Emergency Radio Station

Compact, hand-portable information radio station that can roll to an incident by land, sea or air. Housed in an easy-to-transport, high-impact, weather-resistant case, RadioSTAT can operate from a fixed location when not required in the field. Controlled via flash drive or network. FCC-licensed. Range 25-75 square miles. Used in combination with FASTrack Signs.
Information Station  The Information Station

Fixed, information radio station for general applications. Versions include “IP” – operable via network/USB and “Classic” – operable voicemail-style via telephone or local. FCC-licensed. Range 25-75 square miles. Used in combination with Flashing ALERT Signs.
VoiceStar HAR with Changeable Message Sign  VoiceStar
Portable Advisory Radio Station

Powered via solar power and controlled by wireless means, this trailer-mounted radio station and Changeable Message Sign (CMS) throws a full 25-to-75 square mile signal (3 to 5 mile radius) to motorists. Special FCC licensing allows both fixed and territorial licenses. Available with or without CMS sign.
ITS6000 Highway Advisory Radio System  ITS6000
Highway Advisory Radio System

Fixed highway advisory radio (HAR) system. Standard features include 4-day operational battery backup and targeted NOAA 'All-Hazard' warning interruption. Optional GPS frequency stabilization, antenna mounting styles, cabinets and program control. Flexible design to meet DOT needs. FCC-licensed. Range 25-75 square miles.
InfOspot License-Free Radio Station InfOspot
License-Free Radio Station

License-free information station for short-range, visitor, general and commercial applications.
Advisory Sign Products  Advisory Signs & Flashers

These signs can advise motorists of the presence of information radio station signals and general public safety information. Styles: Quick-erect, fixed flashing beacon, fixed LED and portable changeable message signs (CMS).
PowerSTAT Portable Power Source  PowerSTAT
Portable Power Source

Pure sine-wave AC inverter plus high capacity charger with hefty battery pack, all packaged in a weather-resistant portable case. Charges at any standard 120VAC power outlet. Provides pure, clean, energy quietly. Approved for indoor use. May be employed as a power source for the RadioSTAT Portable Radio Station.