Information Station Specialists is the best known source of traveler's information stations, highway advisory radio, advisory signs and services needed to reach motorists. Learn more about Information Station Specialists.
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What's Special about the Specialists
Happy Customer from the Whaling MuseumWe enjoy creating smiles.

We offer an array of information radio systems (TIS/HAR), associated products and technical services, most for reaching motorists with locally relevant information. All our radio stations operate according to Federal Communications Commission guidelines to achieve maximum signal level and coverage.

Our fundamental business strategy is to build products and relationships of value that endure. Our corporate resume lists examples of our projects.

Since our founding in 1983, we have worked hard to earn the title "The Nation's Best Known Provider of Advisory Radio Stations." It's our claim to fame. This strategy has yielded thousands of customers across the country. They tend to fall into these categories:

Federal, State & Local Agencies  National Parks & Reserves
Historic Sites
Military Bases
Border Protection Entry Points
Emergency Management
Public Health
Public Affairs
Visitor Bureaus & Chambers
Transportation Authorities  Airports & Parking
Highway Traffic Control
Port Entry Points
Universities  Safety
Visitor Info 
Industries with Communities HAZmat
Attractions & Events  Coliseums
Golf Tournaments 

See representative lists:

(1) Emergency Advisory Radio Stations

(2) National Parks Traveler's Information Stations.

Product Exclusives
We are the sole source for universally adaptable information radio systems.

We have an emergency management orientation.
When used for emergency management applications, our products endure, even after power is out and other systems fail. Our ALERT AM Emergency Advisory Radio System includes National Weather Service 'All Hazard' Alert Receivers that react automatically (and locally) to all Emergency Alert System codes. They may be programmed to target up to 5 counties, automatically broadcasting critical, locally relevant information. This receiver is the only one on the market that can be field programmed for updates to the latest official EAS codes and new protocols, as they emerge. Additionally, along with our portable emergency advisory systems (VoiceStar, which is trailer mounted, and RadioSTAT, which is hand totable), ALERT AM can come stocked with prerecorded messages, tailored to your local emergency management scenarios.

Our antenna/groundplane systems are flexible & durable.

Our FCC-licensed radio systems include flexible, durable antenna/groundplane systems that come in several installation styles. Some fit into very tight spaces, barely disturbing the landscape. Our VP9000 System, for example, is designed to withstand hurricane wind speeds encountered on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. It also discourages vandals. We assemble our PowerPlane groundplane right at the factory for customers and contractors who wish to install their own systems.

Our transmitters & audio systems systems are as distinctive & advanced.

Our TR6000 HQ5.0 Transmitter is the only one of its kind in the marketplace featuring a slim-line 1RU form factor and synthesized frequency operation, so frequency changes don't require “surgery.” The TR6000 HQ5.0 Transmitter operates in conjunction with advanced digital voice systems that allow natural voice recording and repetition by a variety of methods:  network/browser, USB, telephone, remote-live or local mic. Text-to-speech capability and emergency message initiation in conjunction with an Emergency Notification System may also be optioned. Modern voice modules such as the IP76 Digital Message Player feature an onboard server for simple browser-style program control via LAN/WAN. The NX8R Digital Message Player features an apex of quality, flexibility and capacity in a voice-prompter based module. NX8R allows programming via telephone or local, a capacity of 1,000 messages, high quality 16-bit recording capability, external feed integration, automatic station identification and many more features. Our audio systems store messages exclusively in nonvolatile memory to prevent vulnerability to power loss. In addition, we offer professional quality broadcast recording support at no cost for general broadcast messages.

Our fixed & portable signs and flash controllers are also unique in the marketplace.

Some feature exclusive embedded LEDs to grab attention, and may be triggered remotely. Often they are used to announce radio station signals to motorists, when situations are urgent. But our signs may also be used apart from our radio systems to convey other types of messages. Some of the signs are light-weight and portable. Others are fixed. They are priced to be affordable.

Creative, portable systems are our claim to fame.
Back in the early 1980s, we created the first portable advisory radio system for Caltrans; and portable systems are still our claim to fame. We offer custom portable systems for utility trailers and vans as well as for mobile command centers.

We offer uncommon temporary solutions.
You may rent our exclusive EventCAST

Temporary Station
for fairs, festivals, sporting events and conventions to broadcast parking directions and event schedules − or use it to test having a station in your area.
Performance Exclusives Services
Our experience makes all the difference.

As evidence, we can provide customer reviews from your geographic area or profession to vouch for the performance of our products and our staff. We promise . . .

Lifetime Support
We supply remote technical assistance for every system we sell 24/7, for the life of the product and still support systems sold at the beginning in the 1980s, when we were founded. See details.


In today's world, stability is important. Information Station Specialists has been under the same ownership, company name and management throughout its history and has been at the same contact address and telephone number continuously for more than 25 years.

We are fast. After 9/11, one city near New York licensed, purchased and installed a complete emergency advisory radio system in fewer than 15 days. We can provide licensing and equipment for emergencies within hours. Regular lead time averages 30-45 days for large systems.

Our systems and components are not proprietary but instead are based on conventional, open-market designs, wiring and mounting. This makes future upgrades and service simple.

We tailor our products and services to many applications, providing both licensed and unlicensed (low power), fixed and portable information radio stations for a variety of needs. Our offerings include not only the radio stations themselves but also the signs to announce them and the services to support them.

Turnkey Support
We provide a true "turnkey" solution. Installation quotes, unless otherwise noted, are priced with all hardware (including support poles) and services (including installation of electrical and telephone services).
See details.
We help with projects from beginning to end and beyond.

And offer a complete array of services:
  • FCC licensing.
  • FCC field studies.
  • Frequency searches.
  • Installation.
  • Live remote assistance over the Internet.
  • Operation instructions.
  • Parts & repairs.
  • Planning assistance.
  • Professional message recording.
  • Site visits.
  • System integration and customization.
"Great technical support...way over and above with your help...all systems are go." 

Bob Strickland, Mount Baldy, CA


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