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TechTalk:  Signal Penetration

Reception Is Highest in Vehicles

As a company, we feel strongly that the most honest representation of our information radio systems' performance is to state that, even though AM signals are delivered to virtually all homes, businesses and vehicles within the 3-5 mile radius of the antenna (25-75 square miles), reception will almost always be highest in vehicles. Why?
  1. Vehicle AM receiving antennas are exposed.
  2. Indoor AM receiving antennas are more likely shielded by the building structure and might be in close proximity to sources of AM interference, such as computers or AC power wires.
  3. Vehicle AM receivers themselves are commonly more sensitive to AM signals and commonly have better receiving antennas than AM indoor receivers.
As a percentage, there is no doubt that more vehicles have AM receivers, compared to residences and offices. 

As a result, we market all our Information Radio products for in-vehicle reception.
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