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Radio Stations and Signs Used for Traffic Control
ITS6000 Highway Advisory Radio System  Flashing Beacons and Controllers for Highway Signs VoiceStar HAR with Changeable Message Sign
Highway Advisory Radio Network
Flashing Beacons

 & Controllers
Portable Advisory Radio System with Optional Changeable Message Sign
Fixed highway advisory radio (HAR) system. Standard features include 4-day operational battery backup and targeted NOAA 'All-Hazard' warning interruption. Optional GPS frequency stabilization, antenna mounting styles, cabinets and program control. Flexible design to meet DOT needs. FCC-licensed. Range 25-75 square miles. For highways with speeds over 60 MPH, this kit includes a solar-powered collection/storage system, wireless receiver, flash controller and two amber LED flashing beacons. Designed to fit any size highway sign. Does not include sign panel or supports.  Powered via solar power and controlled by wireless means, this trailer-mounted radio station and Changeable Message Sign (CMS) throws a full 25-to-75 square mile signal (3 to 5 mile radius) to motorists. Special FCC licensing allows both fixed and territorial licenses. Available with or without CMS sign.
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Portable Changeable Message Sign FAStrack Quick-Erect Sign  Stealth Sign
Portable Changeable Message Sign FASTrackTM
Quick-Erect Sign
Solar-powered, wireless controlled portable CMS signs can store and display hundreds of messages; notify motorists of incidents. May be operated with or apart from information radio stations. FHWA/NFPA-approved for use at emergency scenes, FASTrack signs are portable and quick to assemble during emergencies. They have custom sign text and optional text overlays. Invisible when not activated; invaluable in an emergency. Trigger Stealth Signs to instantly notify and inform those in harm’s way.
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LIGHTNING sign    
LIGHTNINGTM LED Message Sign    
This sign has no equal in flexibility, size and setup speed. It is capable of going places where conventional trailer-mounted changeable message signs never could and can function indoors, outdoors, off-road and in the tightest of spaces and on the tightest of budgets. Transport it in the back of a car or SUV; it is light enough to be set up by one person in minutes.