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Professional Recording Services Announcers and
Sample Recordings
Broadcast professional sounding TIS messages

Broadcast clear, professional sounding messages on your information radio station. 

Announcer Jeff L
Jeff L.
Interpretation Example
Announcer Tom C 
Tom C. 
Traffic Report Example
Announcer Brook T
Brook T.
Safety Information Example
Announcer Jeff H 
Jeff H.
InfoRadio Example
Announcer Jack C 
Jack C.
Public Safety Example

The American Association of Information Radio Operators is a nonprofit organization of information radio station operators and licensees from public agencies across the country. The group exists to...
  • Keep members informed of legal and operational issues affecting their stations.
  • Share best practices.
  • Provide a discussion forum for issues of the day related to information radio broadcasting.
Visit AAIRO's website.

Note:  Membership is free. 
InfoRadioSM Format . . .
We have created the InfoRadio Format especially for operators of information radio stations who want to broadcast generalized local information in a highly professional manner. The demo linked immediately below gives you the flavor of the format. For each operator, we further customize the presentation to include community and visitor information specific to each area where a broadcast is heard.

- Hear a community-based InfoRadio Format demo.  
- Listen to an event-based InfoRadio Format demo.
Free Recordings . . .
To encourage the highest quality broadcasts and to keep operators in touch and connected, we offer customers who join AAIRO (right) complimentary professional recording services for general, annual or seasonal, emergency and nonevent-oriented broadcast messages – with a limitation of 5 minutes of recordings per calendar year. This ongoing offer is extended to new and existing operators alike and may be requested by AAIRO members at any time during their station's operational lifetime. Membership in AAIRO is free.

We provide current-event-message recording services separately via contract. (See "Commissioned Recordings," immediately below.)  
Commissioned Recordings . . .
For customers who opt not to join AAIRO (right) or who join AAIRO and wish us to manage a schedule of event-oriented messages . . .

We can record new audio messages (single- or dual-voice) as well as updated program schedules, then send them to your station by phone (for telephone-managed systems) or email (for computer-managed systems).

We store a copy of .mp3/.wav the messages for additional security and future editing convenience.
Copy Editing . . .
We can even help edit your message text, if you like. (Request a quote.
Message Recording and Changing Prices . . .
We will produce up to 60 minutes of recording, editing and uploading of messages per session and change them on the following schedule: 
Number of Messages & Changes Program Name Annual Rate
1 Annual $195
1 With EventCAST

Station Rental
4 Seasonal $495
12 Monthly $995