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Stream Broadcasts to the Internet
The concept is sound . . .
Sample Streaming BrochureAn internet-based audio delivery service is a simple, affordable way to deliver timely and targeted high quality audio directly to smartphones and other mobile devices, laptops and PCs.

Merely scanning the QR tag or clicking your unique link at your website instantly launches the program at your direction and convenience. Or, use an easy-to-remember webpage URL at for easy and quick recognition.

The service is available in two styles: SpotCasts and StreamCasts.

are audio productions in file form. They always begin at the beginning, which is important for programs where the order of presentation is critical. We can produce and keep SpotCasts current, or you can do it yourself.

StreamCasts allow you to link your audience to a continuous program that it can tap into, such as the broadcast program of an information radio station or the play-by-play of a live event. We provide a network audio interface that allows you to make the connection to the Internet. Our monthly service currently supports 100 simultaneous streams and expands automatically, if required, due to a sudden emergency or a special event.*

Both styles may be full production, including music, and may be sponsored, making the service revenue-neutral – or even profitable – for you, the operator.


* Unlimited connections are allowed, so no one is ever denied access to the stream even during major events or emergencies. If the number of simultaneous users exceeds 100 - which would typically only occur in a major crisis - monthly usage charges might apply. Usage charges:  $100 if simultaneous users exceed 100, $200 if they exceed 200, etc.  Inquire.

Imagine the applications and hear demos below.
Community Applications
"Just want to express my satisfaction with the stream we are now able to offer through the website....It appears to be serving its purpose very nicely."

Rich Phoenix
Chief Operator
North Plainfield Borough
New Jersey

Emergency/Safety Managers

...provide the public with emergency information via frequently updated SpotCasts or StreamCasts linked to an existing Information Radio Station program. Either method may be promoted via QR Tags on printed on flyers, refrigerator magnets or signs at strategic locations. Listen to sample StreamCasts:
Health Officials
...provide critical instructions to drivers waiting in line for inoculations or treatment.

Convention & Visitor Bureaus
...inform listeners about events and attractions and give visitors walking/driving tours. Listen to Kalamazoo Demo.

Historical Societies

...relate local history to visitors.

...provide ecological information, instructions and the stories behind outdoor recreation areas.

Economic Development Departments
...tell listeners why relocating a business to this community is advantageous.

Commercial Applications

Auto Dealers

...give features of various makes and models on the lot. Listen to Ageless Autos Demo.

...operated by banks and restaurants inform and entertain patrons while they wait in line.

Manufacturers & Industry
...give potential purchasers and buyers product demos, instructions and safety information in product packaging. Provide information to truck drivers entering industrial areas and plant gates.

Real Estate Agents/Developers
...Persuasively describe listings and their features.

Shopping Areas
...educate patrons about new stores, sales and upcoming events
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