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Current Newsletters
2018-2021 (in reverse order)
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The Lowdown

May HAMs 2022
630 Meter Vertical Antenna Passes First Test

"The Lowdown" Gets High Marks in First On-Air Trial

It's an antenna that offers amateur radio enthusiasts a convenient way to communicate on 630 meters.
Greg Silas

March Emergency Management Issue 2022
Sweet Signal in Alabama
Downtown Birmingham Home to the Nation's Highest Emergency / Health Information Radio Antenna

Portable AM Radio Stations Prep to Deploy Statewide in Illinois
Mutual Aid Group Adds Six Portable RadioSTAT Systems and LED Signs to its Communications Arsenal

Do emergency / health managers need a portable IPAWS changeable message sign?

February Visit Info Issue 2022
  • Off-Roaders Must Be on Message; Oceano Dunes Recreational Area Advising Off-Road Vehicle Operators How to “Have a Good Day” by Radio
  • A Historic Resurgence? Broadcasting Back Stories Brings Appreciation of a Bigger Picture
  • New AM/FM/Weather Receiver Ideal for Outdoor Recreation
  • Weather Fatalities Doubles in 2021; More Extreme Events Endangered Visitors
  • The Continuing Value of Information Radio that Began at the National Parks
  • What Call Letters Can Say about Your Station’s Age

February Emergency Management Issue 2022

Nor’easter Knocks Out Power and Cellular; Communities with Info Radio Stations
and StreamCASTs Rise to the Occasion

Untrue: “The only decent radio receivers are in cars.”

Weather Fatalities Doubled in 2021


Alexa logo

December 2021

High Performance Antenna Launches New Era in Information Radio Broadcasting

"Warn me faster!"

"This is Alexa. What is your emergency?"



November 2021

Lightfest Adds Soundtrack

Wayne County, Michigan, employs radio to direct thousands through mega light display.

NV Rail Line Engineer

August 2021 Events Edition

Busy special events and visitor destinations are using Information Radio to forewarn guests and make visits more enjoyable.

  • A Bumper Crop of Visitors; Massive Agricultural Event Reaches Out with Radio to Advise Attendees of Directions, Safety & Weather Concerns.
  • Safety First, Ya Know; Venues Forewarn Visitors, to Make Visits More Enjoyable.
  • A Rail Good Time? Historic Railway & Museum Adds Radio to Inform and Attract Visitors Amid Pandemic.

August 2021 Emergency Management Edition

Agencies strive for "Radio Readiness" to improve public communications.

  • The pandemic made it clear that radio technology has the upper hand when it comes to getting instant information to people who are behind the wheel – for everything from vaccinations to evacuations.
  • FCC says “Yes” to a 200-watt test in Waldo County, Maine, whose Emergency Management Agency was granted a test license for 200 watts on 530 kHz AM.

March 2021 Edition

Hit me with your best shot and Alexa Advisories.

  • Radio "vaccination stations" are informing the incoming nationwide.
  • Smart speakers offer a new way to reach the public with emergency, health, safety and travel info. 
  • FCC grants permissions due to national emergency.

January 2021 Edition
Good News Takes to the Air
  • Radio "Inoculation Stations" inform the incoming at vaccination locations.
  • Banking on Radio to Help the Hurting

June 2020 Edition

Safety Radio Stations Go Viral
  • COVID-19 Test Sites Rely on Radio
  • FCC Approves Emergency Power Increases for Information Radio Stations
  • Waldo County EMA to Test First RadioSAFE Wide-Area Station
  • Communities that Saw this Coming a Decade Ago
  • New Product Update: Innovative Storm Detector Makes Faster Weather Alerts Possible
  • Dashboard Distancing; Radio Rediscovered by Churches, Schools, Cemeteries and Nonprofits as Go-To Medium for Ceremony Safety

March 2020 Health Edition
Focus on "Maximum Mitigation" Benches "March Madness"
  • Agencies across the USA turn to Emergency Advisory Radio Stations – fixed and portable – and associated streaming services – to mitigate community virus spread. Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) are assisting the effort.
  • New micro radio stations are available to advise motorists who arrive at drive-thru testing or POD locations. One county has a portable version.
  • To further social-distancing, churches operate services in parking lots via radio audio transmitter to people who stay in their vehicles.
  • Restrictions on assembly puts additional value on StreamCASTing audio to citizens in their homes.
  • A new PSA regarding COVID-19 is available for broadcast – no charge – from AAIRO.

December 2019 Outdoor Edition
Mount Mitchell Adds Radio to Maximize Visitor Safety
NC's First State Park Notches another "First"

All-Digital AM is coming - but not to worry.

New Portable Radio Station for Emergency, Health & School Officials with Parking-Lot-Sized Coverage

Innovative Funding Options

December 2019 Emergency Edition
Darkened Cities Keep Residents Enlightened
Portola Valley CA Announces Plans to Upgrade Infor Radio Signal due to Outages

All-Digital AM is coming - but not to worry.

New Portable Radio Station for Emergency, Health & School Officials with Parking-Lot-Sized Coverage

Innovative Funding Options

September 2019 Edition   
Tower Down!
Norfolk's WJOI Maintains Operations with Quick Switch to New HPR.0990 AM Antenna

Maine Makes Waves
Waldo County Emergency Management Agency First in USA to Deploy New Wide-Area "RadioSAFE" (TIS/HAR) Service

Florida District to Use Radio at School "Reunification Stations"
First in Nation to Leverage Radio to Inform Parents about Children in Emergencies

High on Safety
California Amateur Radio Club: Funding Now Likely for Emergency Radio Station Expansion

August 2019 Edition
New 'Old School' Communication Tool Bridges Gap between Interpreters & Visitors
InfOspot ire-intro with enhanced audio, flexibility and range.

Visitors Flock to Parks and Wildlife Areas, Challenging Local Information Resources.
Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, PA Game Commission, Hocking Hills State Park & Minneopa State Park examples.

June 2019 Edition
High and Outside
FCC Allows Emergency Management Agency to Place Info Radio Antenna on 12-Story Building

Please Don't Go!
Kentucky Emergency Managers Advise When Not to Enter the Interstate

Part 15 Times 10
New “Range Extender” Product Enlarges Part 15 Coverage Areas

NOAA News Is Good News?
New York’s Homeless Weather Radio Station Apparently Scrapes Together Down Payment 

May 2019 Highways Edition
Please Don't Go!
Kentucky County Advises Motorists When Not to Enter the Interstate

When Ice Cometh
Motorist Advisories Are Triggered Instantly when Conditions Get Dicey

News from the Road
DelDOT's Innovative Highway Radio Service Featured in National Article

Radio That's Borderline
North Dakota DOT's New US/Canada
Highway Advisory Radio Service Is on the Air!

Reagan National
Re-Adds Airport Radio Service
Replaces Legacy Service with 21st-Century System

The FCC Wants Your Opinion
On Allowing AM Broadcasters to Change to All Digital

May 2019 HAMs Edition
Long-Awaited AM Radio Antenna to Debut at Hamvention 2019
High Power + High Efficiency

March 2019 Visitor Info Edition
Elk Have Antlers; Now Antenna Too
Information Radio Service for Elk Enthusiasts "Herd" on AM 1620 in Pennsylvania

Talking at the Top
North Carolina's First State Park to Install Information Radio Station near Mount Mitchell Peak – Highest in the Eastern US

January 2019 Emergency Management Edition
Can you hear me now?
High water convinces Texas safety officials to flood community with additional info radio signal.

Bainbridge Island, WA: Preparing for "But When"
How will this island community stay connected to 25,000 citizens when a major incidents severs power and compromises communications?

Shutdown Showdown Produces FCC Slowdown

FCC Determines that the Need to Post Has Passed

North Plainfield NJ residents Respond to Broadcasts about Radon Testing Kits.
Florida Fair

January 2019 Events Edition
Annual Hamvention Event Uses Radio Broadcasts to Counter Congestion
Amateurs used (of all things) radio to inform inbound event attendees.

"Just-in-Time" Info Stations Add Event Efficiency & Security
Special events and destinations using radio broadcasts to relay details and updates to visitors just as they arrive.

Safety: A Fair Question
Texas State Fair expands info radio service to protect guests.

December 2018 Edition
The "Old Fort" tells its story in a new way.
Adds "History Station" to Invite Visitation, Participation & Donations.

Lighthouse preservation requires information.
Point Reyes Station

Hoover's History Station
His history is a headliner on a heartland highway.

History Stations
Listen to sample broadcasts.

October 2018 Edition
Evacuation Stations Now on the Air
Gatlinburg and Sevier County Soberly Assess Options after Wildfire Devastation

"When it all goes down...
...Information Radio stays up."

IAEM Welcome!
Information Station Specialists to Exhibit at 66th Annual Conference

September 2018 Edition
A Streaming Success
North Plainfield Borough Sets Record for Radio Stream Listening

Gordon Grazes Florida
Blows by SW Florida Community Inundated by Irma

Opioid PSA's Available
Texas Emergency Management Agency to Air New Addiction Awareness Messages

It's Airtime
New Stations and Applications
Bill Tell

May 2018 Edition
WINKY Gets Thumbs-Up
Plans to Expand Its Emergency Service across the Hill

Hamvention Uses Info Radio Station to Counter Congestion
Amateurs used - of all things - radio to communicate with inbound event attendees.

Tsunami Tsurprise!
Test Text Transmitted in Error

Feb 2018 Edition
Layover Logistics
Flying Fowl a Frequent Favorite

Heading for the Hills
Weekend visitors flock to Ohio's Hocking Hills State Park causing overload concerns.

Quick Ones
Grand Canyon Info Station Shuts Down the Shut-Down Rumors
Bison Antenna Y'all!

Florida Fair

Jan 2018 Edition

Event Security 2018
Taking Nothing for Granted; What happened in Vegas can't happen everywhere.

Disaster Strikes Twice
Montecito Fire Protection District pulls out all stops to deliver critical information to evacuating residents by radio and internet stream technology,

Opioid Info on the Air
Broadcast Messages Created Specifically for Information Stations to be Distributed by AAIRO.

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