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Wildfire Fighters
Foresthill Fire Protection District in CA is currently fighting the Mosquito Wildfire in the mountains northeast of town. The Community operates a RadioSAFE Emergency Broadcast System that has recently been granted a waiver by the FCC to run at higher signal levels. Excellent timing. Operator Richard Hercules tells us that he has usable listening reports for 14 miles from the antenna, with 10 watts of transmitter power. The District is also streaming content to their website, where thousands tune in daily for updates. (See StreamCASTing.)
Foresthill System Installation 
Rich Hercules of the Foresthill Fire
Protection District, Flanked by Antenna Installers
Photo Courtesy of Foresthill FPD
“We have started another grant cycle to expand our radio signal farther,” says Hercules. In emergencies, the FCC will often permit a higher powered transmitter substitution to boost coverage even more, based on the situation.
Fireman Erik Olson  Information Radio Stations

These licensed, 10-watt radio stations are for use by government agencies in emergencies, for visitor information and travel-related services. Noncommercial voice message content. Packages can include wrap-around services: licensing, installation, training and message recording.
RadioSAFE covers more  RadioSAFE Wide Area Emergency Radio Broadcast Systems

RadioSAFE Systems provide enhanced signal coverage that can be critical in public emergencies. The Systems utilize the HPR.0990 High Efficiency Antenna from a fixed location, and with special authority from the FCC, can blanket more square miles than conventional Information Stations.
Portable Information Radio Stations

Information Radio Stations that can operate fixed-location or be deployed as required. Licensed and license-free versions are available.
License-Free Radio Stations

Customizable, license-free radio stations for use by anyone, including agencies, nonprofits, individuals and educational institutions. Can include music and commercial content.
EventCAST Rental Radio Stations

Information Radio Station rentals for an event, emergency, signal testing or as an interim solution while a permanent station is installed. Packages can include services: licensing, onsite setup assist and professional message recording.
Advisory Signage

An array of sign solutions to announce the presence of a radio signal or to convey virtually any information to the public.
 TIS Transmitters & More  AMReady Broadcast Components

Products and services for licensed AM radio broadcast stations. Quick-deploy antennas, accessories, groundplanes, transmitters, custom kits and rental radio station equipment to help keep AM stations on the air during emergencies.
 630M Antenna  The Lowdown 630 Meter Antenna for Amateur Radio

An antenna that offers amateur radio enthusiasts a convenient way to communicate on 630 meters.
Severe Storm Detector Personal Safety Device

For public safety agencies: the Severe Storm Detector is a NASA-proven device that monitors the atmosphere directly for violent weather, issuing an early warning before it approaches. Siren / strobe triggers when tornados and severe storms are detected.
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